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Oranges & Lemons
Written by Ultra Gro Plant Food LLC.
Sunday, 16 January 2011 20:12
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Citrus Program


Ultra Gro has years of experience in Citrus, predominately on the Eastside of the San Joaquin Valley.  Our products are used by a wide range of growers whose primary objectives are usually "quality" related.  Sizing, coloring and uniformity are common attributes associated with our products from our program growers.  Check us out and see why our citrus acreage has been growing recently!


Several Full-time Professionals serving the Citrus Industry
Oxnard/Coastal Regions: Scott Anderson, Steve Best, Terry Schultz & Bob March
Kern County/Porterville Area: Steve Best, Aaron Hart, Dennis Laux
Eastside San Joaquin Valley: Dustin Stewart, Dennis Laux, Abe Isaak, Eric Macbean, Marc Suderman, Harold Peters


(Specific recommendation tailored for eac Grower)

Fall Application (Oct/Nov) (per acre): Strengthen next years crop.
1 Gallon 6-0-0-8 Soil Treatment (apply to soil)

Bud Set: (per acre) Apply last of January to 1st of February
2 - 3 Gallons 8-16-8 Plus / (Foliar)
__________ Qts./Pt. __________ (Trace Minerals/Foliar)

Pre-Bloom: (per acre) Apply in Feb / March to set fruit.
1 Gallon 6-0-0-8 Soil Treatment (apply to soil)
2 Gallons 6-0-0-9 Calcium Complex (apply to soil)
4-6 Gallons 8-16-8 Plus / (apply to soil)
2-3 Gallons 8-16-8 Plus (Foliar)
__________ Pt./Qt. __________ (Trace Minerals/Foliar)

Petal Fall: (per acre) 30 days after Petal Fall for sizing.
1.5 Gallons 6-0-0-9 Calcium Complex (Foliar)
3 Gallons 8-16-8 Plus / 7-14-7 Plus (Foliar)
__________ Pt./Qt. __________ (Trace Minerals/Foliar)

Foliar: (per acre) When fruit is "Silver Dollar" size. (June/July)
1.5 Gallons 6-0-0-9 Calcium Complex (Foliar)
3 Gallons 8-16-8 Plus / 7-14-7 Plus (Foliar)

Pre Harvest: (per acre) 30 days prior to harvest for color, improve sugar and acid ratio. 3 Gallons 2-17-17 Plus (Foliar) Pre foliar check of soil & tissue for "N" levels.
__________ Pt./Qt.__________ (Trace Minerals/Foliar)

Frost Protection: (Optional)
1-1.5 Gallons 3-4.5-2 Crop Shield Foliar applied every 30 days as needed.

  • Recommendations will vary according to Tissue and Soil Analysis.
  • Trace Elements should be applied with Foliars, with Traces being determined by Tissue and Soil Analysis for best results.
  • For any other variables consult with your Ultra Gro Representative.
  • Apply normal Nitrogen program.

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