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Grower Bulletins
Written by Ultra Gro Plant Food LLC.
Thursday, 13 January 2011 19:02
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Welcome to our "classroom".  Below are several research pieces that have been written to address the agronomy needs found on the farm.  These reports highlight various aspects of nutrient management and give a thorough explanation of the Ultra Gro approach to fertility.  It's good stuff, we encourage you to pick and choose from this timeless research and download at will.

Phosphorus - P Talk

Potassium - K Talk

The Importance of Calcium

Nitrogen In Action

Micro Nutrients Part I

Micro Nutrients Part II

Role of Micro Nutrients

Manage Disease with Nutrients

Foliar Crop Shield

Microbes and Soil Fertility - Dr. Colasito

Microbes and Soil Fertility - Dr. Sidhu

Role of Microorganisms


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