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Our Products

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About Ultra Gro

About Ultra Gro 2016

Ultra Gro, LLC is an employee-owned company based in Madera, California.  We manufacture and distribute a full line of proprietary liquid fertility products direct to the farmer.  The Ultra Gro products have proven to provide high yields, top quality and cost‐effective results in both permanent and annual crops throughout the West. Our customer base stretches from Oregon, throughout all of California and into Mexico.  We have 18 crop nutrition consultants on our team with an aggregate of over 300 years of experience.

ManagementIn the Beginning
Ultra Gro Plant Food Company was conceived in 1985 by Merrill “Bud” Myers and his son, Todd. Bud and Todd had a vision of creating the finest fertilization products in the marketplace. They successfully pieced together the leading contemporary academic thought and the practical application from the farm to build the products and achieve their goal. Many of those original products are still used today. In 2008, following 23 years of success, the Myers family sold the business to a group of longtime employees who share their zeal for product integrity and great service.

Our Focus
Ultra Gro is "agronomic-centric" (we care about the agronomy).  We take pride in the fact that our people are well trained and experienced.  Understanding plant nutrition is not easy, we work hard at learning our trade and staying current.  Several of our consultants are CCA's or PCA's.  Every recommendation starts with a lab report.  If we don't have the answer, we find someone who does.  Using agronomy, our goal is to bring the "right" solutions to our growers everyday, based upon their needs.  Our customers are our lifeblood, we treat them as such.

Our Products & Service
We build our products to be "plant-ready".  They are highly soluble and available.  The grower applies them when the plant or the soil needs them.  We are known for high quality and high performance.  We are typically used by growers trying to maximize production or quality, not minimizing inputs.  We usually win trials.  The products are easy to apply.  Growers like using them.  Our service team is second to none.  They are courteous, knowledgeable and have a "can-do" attitude.  We consistently rank high in customer service.

In a recent survey, the single most common word to describe our products is "quality". The context in which it was taken was meant to express a wide range of meanings...consistency, product integrity, quality ingredients and quality results. We have found that using the highest quality inputs in the manufacturing process enables us to meet these expectations. We utilize our company-owned rail siding to unload railcars direct from our suppliers in the Mid-West and test each car for product integrity. We propagate our strains of bacteria ourselves on-site in our lab. All of our products are manufactured in our plant in Madera under the watchful eye of our experienced service team using time-proven methods. Quality control is important to us.

Ultra Gro is 30 years old, our products have a long history of high performance. Over the past many years we have proven ourselves in wide variety of crop types, ranging from Almonds to Zucchini. Performance is measured in many ways. One segment of measurement that speaks to our products is fast, visible response...as a result, Strawberries and Table Grapes are our largest crop types. Two to three days is a common response time for coloring, sizing or flowering in strawberries. Table Grape growers have been seeing dramatic improvements to their "fruit quality" and yields. Check out all of our crop-type exhibits and see for yourself.

For growers that want to maximize performance (yield & quality), our products pay for themselves in many ways. The good news varies: it can be one less picking in Table Grapes, quicker-to-market volume in Strawberries, more deliverable tons in Cannery Tomatoes, larger sizes and more splits in Pistachios, greater yields in Almonds, enhanced water penetration in tight soils...success comes in many different forms. The common denominator is that Ultra Gro is bringing value to its growers every year.

The Ultra Gro Promise
For 30 years Ultra Gro has been an early adapter in product development.  Today, the philosophy at Ultra Gro remains the same...we are working hard to develop more ways to put the "right" tools in the hands of our growers to enhance their success.  We are committed to the "agronomy".  Our products work, we are committed to making them better.  The customer comes first, we value our relationships!

In the end, it’s all about the Quality and Performance Creating Value for the customer!