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Cotton Program

Cotton is back!  For years and years, cotton was the mainstay of the Ultra Gro crop rotation.  A strong track record of proven results and support from a number of trials helped Ultra Gro cut a wide swath through the westside of the San Joaquin Valley.  With cotton prices rising to all-time highs, we anticipate large demand for UG products as cotton growers shift from survival mode to "Maximum-Production" mode!

Serving your area:

Kern County: Steve Best, Aaron Hart
Eastside: Abe Isaak, Dustin Stewart
Huron/Mendota/Firebaugh: Marc Suderman, Bill Ragsdale, Eric MacBean, Michael Burns, Craig Fourchy
Dos Palos/Los Banos/Merced: Albert Rascon, Michael Burns, Derek Sissom

(specific program tailored for each grower)

1st Application:  Side Dress with Nitrogen or with Irrigation: (per acre)
1 Gallon 6-0-0-8 Calcium Soil Treatment (apply to soil)

2nd Application: Bloom Stage (First Flower) (per acre)
3 Gallons 2-17-17 (Foliar)

  • Recommendations will vary depending on Soil and Tissue Analysis.
  • For any other variables, check with your Ultra Gro Representative.
  • Apply normal Nitrogen Program.