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Our products are built to be "plant-ready". They are highly soluble and readily "available". To achieve high solubility and ready-availability, we start by using the highest grade ingredients available in the marketplace. Specific strains of bacteria are paired with all of our products. To enhance uptake, most of our products include a blend of organic acids. Our NPK's all have a liberal backgrounding of minors. After many years of trial and error, we have come to learn that there is not one particular answer to the agronomic challenges put before us...fertility products need to have a broad span of makeup and characteristics. With that in mind, we have developed products using tried and true practices found in both chemistry and biology. Our products are "balanced". They are easy to use. They work.

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Calcium Soil Treatment

The Ultra Gro Flag Bearer! Our time-proven blend of Biologicals, 25+ ingredients, with N + Ca. Label MSDS
Foliar Crop Shield (3-4.5-2)
Helps to protect and reduce stress during severe heat and cold. Fortified with fertilizer for extra POP! Label MSDS


2-17-17 Plus
Plant-ready! Versatile! Foliar or Soil. Ultra Gro's most popular product. 100% availability for P and K. Label MSDS
8-16-8 Plus
Plant-ready! Long-time UG favorite. Foliar or Soil. Popular "Starter" fertilizer. Broad minor package. Label MSDS
7-14-7 Plus
Broad use fertilizer enhanced with Fish and Kelp. Foliar or Soil. Growing popularity in the marketplace. Label MSDS
25-0-0 Plus
It’s not just N! We have formulated the product to enhance uptake and increase utilization.  Versatile.  Soil apply only. Compatible with UG Soil Treatment.  Farmers like it!. Label MSDS


Calcium 9% High solubility!  Foliar or soil apply. Derived from Food-grade Calcium-Nitrate source & fortified with Organic Acids and Natural Surfactants. Label MSDS
Thio Plex Highly soluble and immediately available sources of Calcium and Sulfur...Soil apply only Label MSDS
(7-0-7-7) (Ca)
UG answer to building K and Ca. Excellent results as Foliar or Soil application. Label MSDS



Ultra GroSoil Booster

Beneficial Bacteria without the Pathogens, sustained with it's own food source. Label MSDS

Ultra Gro Acidifier

The latest technology in lowering pH in your water.  Increase efficacy of fertility and keep your system clean. Label MSDS

Ultra Gro

Fertilizer that adds protection. The inclusion of Control in a thrombosis program approach to maximizing plant potential. Label MSDS

Ultra Gro

Balanced micronutrients in ratios optimized for maximum plant growth, maintenance and crop sustainability. Label MSDS

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